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Why Fayetteville

Celebrating over 110 years in Fayetteville, Texas

Jurecka Legacy

Jurecka Fayetteville roots run deep. For six generations, the Jurecka family has written a story rich in tradition and devotion to family and others too. Our story is a legacy of hard work, love of the land, and a long-standing commitment to the community of Fayetteville, Texas for over 110 years.

GENERATION I – The Martin Jurecka Family

Martin (1847 to 1933) and wife, Veronika (Vanicek) (1859 to 1925), were born in Roznov, Moravia, Czech Republic, at that time a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Martin and Veronika with their two young sons, Josef and Paul, immigrated to the United States in 1889. The family landed at Galveston, traveled by wagon to Columbus, Texas, and settled near Frelsburg in Colorado County, where they resided for 21 years. In 1908 Martin and Veronika settled in Fayette County and for $4400 purchased 304 acres on the outskirts of Fayetteville which still remain in the family today.

GENERATION II – The Josef Jurecka Family

Born in Prostredni Becva, Moravia, Czech Republic on February 24, 1881, Josef came to the United States at age 6. In 1901, Josef married Julia (Prasifka) (1880 to 1907) of Fayetteville. Josef and Julia had two sons, Frank and Charles. After the birth of Charles, Julia died at age 26. Josef farmed cotton, raised cattle and ran a dairy while also leading his family and serving the community. Josef later married Johanna “Jennie” (Svrcek) (1880 to 1970) and the following children were born: Mary, Jerome, Ladislav and Bohus. Serving the City of Fayetteville, Josef drove the city’s horse-drawn ambulance/hearse. Josef also served the SPJST and Lodge Pokrok No. 1 in Fayetteville, responsible for choosing the landsite for the current Fayetteville’s SPJST Hall, built in 1910. SPJST is a fraternal benefit society, and comes from the Czech phrase Slovanska Podporujici Jednota Statu Texas, or roughly translated the Slavonic Benevolent Order of the State of Texas. Josef lived to 98 years and 10 months, outliving two wives and three children, and his SPJST life insurance policy too.

GENERATION III – The Ladislav “Lad” Jurecka Family

Ladislav “Lad” of Fayetteville (1916 to 1994) and Olga (Martinek) of Ellinger (1916 to 2006) met at local Fayette County dances, enjoyed dates at the Fayetteville’s Dawn Theatre for two bits or 25 cents per ticket, and then eloped on October 4, 1937. Lad and Olga raised four sons: Wilfred Gene, Lee, Raymond and Kenneth. Lad continued the family tradition as a cattle rancher and farmer. Lad’s livelihood pursuits included purchasing over 200 acres of land for ranching and farming. The land tracts were identified by the prior land owner’s names except for the Farm/Dairy which was the family homestead for 19 years. Other land tracts included: Olga’s 22 Acres, the Brokemeyer Farm, Baumbach or Bibles, Hatterman Ranch and Steve’s Place. In 1952, Lad and Olga embarked on the opportunity of owning their own dairy. First, 14 Holstein cows were hand-milked, and then the milk was sold in milk pails to Carnation in LaGrange. Later, the milking machine, the pipeline and bulk tank were implemented, allowing for 40 milking cows. Milking every day, morning and evening, was hard work but the dairy business was very profitable. In 1956, Lad and Olga moved to town and resided in the mid-century stone home, located at 401 North Rusk Street. After retiring from the dairy business, Lad served as the Fayetteville City Marshall from 1968 to 1980, making $30 per month. After Lad’s service, Fayetteville had no law enforcement.

GENERATION IV – The Raymond “Ray” Jurecka Family

As Texas and our nation became more industrialized, the country also became more urban and less rural, and people moved away from farm life and into the cities. Reared in Fayetteville, Ray (1945) completed barber school, married Betty (Zbranek) of La Grange in Ammannsville, Fayette County, and then moved to Houston. While in Houston, Ray and Betty had two sons, Allen and Kevin. Later, the family moved to Sealy where Allen and Kevin grew up, but weekends and summers were spent at both Fayette County grandparents’ farms. At age 41, Betty (1943 to 1985) died of cancer, and later, Ray moved back to Fayetteville where he then worked for the City of LaGrange.

GENERATION V – The Allen Jurecka Family

Houston-born native Texans, Allen and Lori Beth grew up in Sealy, Texas where they met at the local grocery store, Bill’s Country Market. Allen and Lori Beth (Richter) were married in Sealy on September 17, 1988. Allen earned a BS in Criminal Justice from the University of Houston and recently retired from the Federal Bureau of Investigation after 34 years of service. Lori Beth earned a BBA in Accounting from Texas A&M University. Allen’s love for Fayetteville came naturally with his childhood visits to his Fayette County grandparents. Inspired by his grandfather, Lad, Allen experienced not only farm and ranch life but also community service as Lad served as the Fayetteville City Marshall. Allen and Lori Beth raised three sons in the busy Houston suburb of Katy which led to weekend escapes to the Fayetteville countryside, developing a deep love of the land and wildlife management for the young sons. Now, Allen and Lori Beth’s sons, Paul, Philip and Luke, are grown, but they too desire to come back to Fayetteville. Both Allen and Lori Beth appreciate their childhood experiences while growing up in Sealy and enjoy “coming home to the country” after living in the big city.  Allen and Lori Beth are continuing the Jurecka Legacy in Fayetteville.