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History of
209 West Market Street

Kubena - Tschiedel - Meinen - Jurecka

The home was built in 1890 by J. R. Kubena who established his family’s residency in the 1500 square foot home for almost 20 years. J. R. Kubena was a civic leader with a keen sense of obligation serving as a member of the Texas House of representatives, Mayor of Fayetteville, and Secretary of the SPJST Lodge No. 1. In honor of JR Kubena, SPJST named a 182 acre camp in northern Fayette County, Camp Kubena.


In 1916, Jos. J. Tschiedel purchased for $2700 the home and land, city lots 49 and 50. The 1890 home faced Texas Highway 159 (North Rusk Street). In the 1930s, Edwin Tschiedel began to develop Lot 50 into commercial businesses. Edwin and his wife, Betty, sold hamburgers from the structure currently know as Westside Grocery. Actively involved in the community, Edwin also built and operated a radiator shop, previously located behind Westside Grocery, facing West Bell Street. For over 80 years, the home remained in the Tschiedel family.

In 1998, Alan and Jane Meinen purchased the Tschiedel home, and an extensive renovation and design project began. To start, a new concrete slab was poured and the original structure was moved and blocked up on the slab. With this move, the home was turned from the west to the south and received a new address, 209 West Market Street. The renovation included enlarging the home to 3,452 square feet with three bedrooms and an elevator added in the new addition. The mantel, fretwork pieces and downstairs bathroom sinks are all antique adding to the history of the home. Exquisite hand-painted murals adorned the walls throughout the home. A gorgeous, welcoming foyer showcased the signature falling vine by Connie Theissen. Connie’s design and talent express a time when we too experienced the “Timeless Grace” of the past. Diagnosed with cancer shortly after the home’s completion, this project was Connie’s last. Her prayers and blessing can be felt as you view her beautiful design details, Outdoors, the beautiful courtyard was designed for entertaining with a water fall and goldfish pond. With no expense spared, the restoration and renovation project was completed in 2003.

Kubena Family 1907

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